Natural Rule Language API

net.sourceforge.nrl.parser This top-level package contains utility classes referenced elsewhere.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.ast The fully resolved abstract syntax tree (AST) representation of the constraint language.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.ast.action The fully resolved extended abstract syntax tree (AST) representation for the action language.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.model Definition of the internal meta-model that rules are written against.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.model.uml2 A model implementation that provides an implementation over the UML2 model classes.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.model.xsd XML Schema model loader.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.operators Operator library management package.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.preprocessing Pre-processors are invoked before the main parsing stage.
net.sourceforge.nrl.parser.type Abstract type assignment and type checking for the completed AST.


Copyright 2006-2010 Christian Nentwich and others